The Vault Recording Studios in Houston, Texas 713-722-8900  


      9135 Katy Freeway, Suite #1, Houston, TX 77024


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Equipment - (Studio A)


Studiomaster Track Mix 32  - British analog console with 32 inputs (56 at mixdown)

Midi muting - 12 busses - 3 band parametric EQ - 6 effects sends




Cubase, ProTools for PC

hard disk recording on a IBM  & (2) 22" displays

E-mu 1820M digital audio system

24 tracks of Alesis ADATs recording w/ BRC

Micro Boards Panasonic SCSI red book CD-Recorder

Tascam DA-20 MK II, Technics DA-10 DAT recorder

Tascam CD-RW 402 Dual CD recorder/player

Technics RS-TR575 dual record cassette


Monitors, Headphones, Amplifiers   

JBL 4311-B, JBL J-2050,

KRK-ST6, Tannoy 6.5 monitors, Bose sub-woofer,

Sony MDR-V900, AKG K-141, AKG K-44,  &

Yamaha headphones,

Crown power amplifiers


   Outboard Gear   Outboard Gear 

Roland SRV-2000 reverb, Lexicon LXP-15 ll, 

(2) Yamaha SPX90, EFX processors 

Roland SDE-2500 delay

(2) Ibanez DM-2000 delays

Eventide 910 harmonizer

Digitech DSP128 EFX processor

Midiverb ll EFX processor

ART TPS ll stereo tube mic preamp

DBX 166, 166A, 266 stereo compressor/limiters, 

Audio Logic 266, Audio Logic MT-66 compressor/limiters

(4) Yamaha GC-2020 stereo compressor/limiters

Audio logic MT-44 quad noise gates

Beringer stereo de-noiser

Aural Exiter type C

Aphex Studio Clock, plus more.



 AKG C 3000 B, AKG 200, AKG D-330 BT, AKG D-321

(6) Shure SM -57's Audio Technica 4033, (3) MB 2000L's

Electro-voice N/D 257, Shure SM-58 microphones.

CAD KBM-412, TSM-411, GLX-1200



 Keyboards, Samplers & Sound Modules & Instruments

E-mu Proteus 2500, MPC-2000XL, Emax Ill - 

16 bit stereo sampling keyboard,

 Korg M3R, Ensoniq SQ-R,

(2) Roland U-110ís, Roland D-50, D-20 keyboards,

Roland D-110, Virtual synth software programs,

5 pc. vintage set Ludwig drums with Zildjan cymbals, 

Ibanez Gio Sound gear bass guitar,

"Grazia" Brazilian acoustic guitar


Sequencers, Digital Editors

Cubase, ProTools for PC

Wave Lab, Sonic Foundry, plus more.

Tons of drum & music samples, loops & extensive EFX library on CD


Equipment - (Studio B)



Behringer 2442 Xenyx 24 input 4-buss mixer

3 band, semi-parametric EQ



Cubase, ProTools for PC

hard disk recording & dual 19" displays

E-mu 1212 digital audio system

Behringer Ultragain analog/digital converter


Monitors, Headphones, Amplifiers   

JBL - 4206, KRK-ST6, monitors

 AKG K-44 headphones,

Crown power amplifier.


   Outboard Gear 

Yamaha GC-2020 stereo compressor/limiter

Digitech DSP128 EFX processor



AKG 200, AKG D-330 BT


 Keyboards, Samplers & Sound Modules

AKG MPC-2000XL, Roland D-50 controller

Virtual Synth software programs including

the E-MU Proteus sound module.


Sequencers, Digital Editors

Cubase, ProTools for PC 

Wavelab, Sonic Foundry, plus more.



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The Vault Recording Studios, Houston, TX