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Product Distribution

     We have affiliates able to secure major distribution currently through companies such as Universal Music Group and Ingrooves. There are programs that deal with digital downloads available through over 140 on-line music stores, or actual physical distribution through retail stores. 

     As most seasoned label owners, production companies and managers already know, it has become a near impossibility to get their artists or product signed to the major labels or strong independents. In fact, if you call many of the major labels, you'll get a recorded message as to why you should first attempt to contact a producer or attorney that has a relationship with that label and interest them in submitting your material. 

     Enter the Internet! More and more sales are being derived through digital downloads. While there are many digital music stores on-line, simply listing your songs with these services generally results in little attention. You can't sell units unless you position your material in such a way to generate attention and interest from music consumers. 

     If you are a label with product in need of distribution, marketing, exposure and sales, contact us about this vehicle of opportunity. It is not free. As a matter of fact, it will require a financial investment and a high degree of commitment. Universal Music Group and Ingrooves might be exactly what you are looking for.

     Still handing out mix tapes and demos? Any results? Ever consider how much time and money you've spent (or wasted) so far? If you are serious about generating legitimate exposure and sales, give us a call at 713-722-8900.



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